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Norfolk - A Rural County

Report Segment: Norfolk

Norfolk is a largely rural county. It has 90 miles of coast, 250 miles of waterways, 6,329 miles (10,189 kilometres) of roads and 541 parishes. There are over 200 conservation areas, more than 10,000 listed buildings and more than 350 scheduled ancient monuments.

The population of Norfolk is around 840,700. Norfolk’s population has a relatively elderly age profile. Compared with England and Wales it has higher proportions of people aged 50-54 and over, and lower proportions in all the younger age groups.

Around 38 per cent of the County’s population live in the three major built up areas of Norwich (207,000), Great Yarmouth (68,400) and King's Lynn (42,800), and a further 19 per cent (158,000 people) in the market towns. Around 40 per cent live in parishes of over 300 population, and the remaining 4 per cent in parishes with less than 300.

Norfolk has above average deprivation compared with the English shire counties, and on most summary measures is the most deprived county in the East of England Region. Norwich and Great Yarmouth are the most deprived areas within Norfolk. Norwich has improved recently but Breckland, Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn and West Norfolk have worsened.